This stop-motion film for Aussies Scott and Leanne’s wedding is more than a collection of documented moments from the day.

We worked with the bride and groom to choreograph and direct specific scenes, shot as a series of still photos, that would be later combined to create a film of more than 500 moving pictures. The result is a unique and energetic keepsake that only gets more magical every time you watch it.

Song by Xavier Rudd. 


This film and those that follow were produced and photographed for Native Poppy, a kick-ass floral design company in San Diego. 

Commissioned by high-end hair-care product line Davines to create a series of three videos for the launch of MASK with Vibrachrom.
Photographed by Hailley and edited by Stacy. Shot on location at NAMA salon in Highland Park, CA. Tunes by Beachmen.